I don’t really remember when… May be a few months ago or so I went for shopping with a friend. I walked to the casual corner for females, quite vibrant with various coloured tops hanging by. Red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple and so on but unfortunately nothing could catch my eye. I simply went on flipping them one by one but came out disappointed. My friend asked “You won’t buy anything? ” to which I said ” I actually don’t know what I am looking for.”
Later that day I talked with my mother over phone. Gave her details so that she could imagine my entire day within the span of 14 minutes 33 seconds phone call. Then I asked her out apprehensively.. “Can emotional dependence on someone be harmful? ”
‎”The ‘someone’ I believe can be any two people and not necessarily a romantically attached couple. As long as the emotional bond that is getting nurtured is fruitful for both the individuals, it is a blessing. But if it is anyway detrimental to anyone between the two then it can be harmful.
‎No one is absolutely independent in this world. It is a normal human behavior to discover same frequency of thoughts and choices with a particular person. It is very natural to get offended when the other person binges on unhealthy food. And also it’s very obvious to eat an extra slice of cake in the other person’s success celebration. Such attachments are beautiful. It can’t be categorized into absolutely right or absolutely wrong. It’s neither black nor white. It’s all grey. ”
“Thanks mom. I understood. ”
And I could realise what I was looking for.


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