The windowpane

Variations on a Theme When it comes to variation, I prefer to relate it with the picture above. Not only does it accommodate thousand and one different buildings, complexes, residences,houses and ‘homes’ but a variety of emotions residing there too. (I know the later is not visible…just being a little…ummm…I don’t know! )

You never know in one of those buildings a mother might be preparing her son’s favourite dish(primary ingredients -too much love) or a father might feed his little daughter with a spoonful of rice or a brother fighting with his sister for the TV remote or a nervous guy proposing the most beautiful girl in class or a gang of friends clicking selfie …you never know!

You never know if a grandpa is counting his last breath. You never know if someone went through a massive heartbreak or an end to a year old marriage or someone decided to bid goodbye to a lucrative profession. You never know!

But we definitely know that the minute variations that life brings about is what we should appreciate. I believe life is half destiny and half what we do with it. Its about how we reveal the untold secrets of destiny….

So my dear readers…let’s go on DEMYSTIFYING DESTINY.



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