Destiny’s conspiracy it was,my dad’s sudden plan for a trip to Chennai,a visit to the Auroville botanical garden in Pondicherry,the tantrum of my taste buds to have a choco lava cake and meeting a lady in her 90s!The picture till now is a little vague.I know.Let’s have a flashback…

So it was the second day of our Chennai trip.We went to see the Matrimandir situated in the centre of the botanical garden,Auroville.The old banyan tree stood tall spreading its branches.Had a glimpse of the gold disc stuck Matrimandir from outside.Everything went as planned.
But then I did something that was not planned!While returning I saw a small shop with a hoarding “choco lava cake”.Those three words seemed quite lucrative after a long walk..Parents were busy enjoying the marvel and I managed to sneak out somehow. Went to the shop.An aunty in a pink saree and a wide smile offered me a chunk of molten hot choco lava cake.Paid the price and looked around in search of a vacant seat to sit… was all occupied.Out of nowhere I heard someone saying-“come and sit here, you little girl.”
I turned to her and to my surprise I found an old lady with grey hair offering me an empty chair.Her thin scaled skin gave me an idea about her age…might be in her 90s.Her British accent made me a little curious to ask her-
“May I know from which place you are ? ”
She-“Auroville. ..I have been here since last 30 years.We stay in a community.”
Me-“Oh that’s great!Nice place indeed.”
She-“So you have come with friends? ”
Me-“No.With my mom and dad.Having a good time here”
She-“You know life is not only about the happy times,friends and family bonds…Of course they are a part of your life.But the actual meaning of your life lies in the acceptance of the fact that you come alone,you go alone.We are sent to this world for a greater purpose than mere existence.What actually matters is how many people have you many souls your kind words and acts have touched!Okay enjoy the cake..I will be back in a minute or two.”

She didn’t really return.But the spiritual enlightenment that her words provided was something beyond explanation.That short Conversation taught me some little things about life.I got so entangled in her words that I even forgot of having a picture together.
Meanwhile my phone buzzed.Mom called.
“Where are you,Dona?
You know how tensed we are? ”
“Don’t worry mom…Your little girl has grown up today.”


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