Hello everyone!!

Finally 2017 bids goodbye in a few hours and a happy new year awaits!I am quite sure,by now you are ready with your never ending list of resolutions.Even I am!But the question that pops up is that how many of us are really consistent in maintaining the promises that we make to ourselves on the new year day?
So presenting a few nitty gritties of resolutions that can fix your problem..nah not your problem.Its Our problem.(Yeah..me too..by the end of the year I pretty much forget what my resolutions were!)But not any more.
Let’s check them out…
We often aim for certain goals that becomes cumbersome to fulfill in reality and we end up with disappointment.So let’s choose those tasks that can be performed by the best of our ability.We need to be clear about what we actually want and what are we aiming for.

A year has approximately 48 weeks..
How about taking care of each of these weeks instead of the year as a whole?

Maintain a journal to review your performance…how far you have come and how far to go.

Self appreciation can be used as a tool to motivate your self to perform better in future…a good book,your favourite movie,a day out or anything that brings the”feel good”factor….It’s okay to take a break in between.(not a long one though.)

At last but not the least… trust yourself and the journey you have undertaken.
…and you can fulfil the goals that you targeted a year back…It’s you who can create wonders.
Happy New promises!!


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