Carefree I was.
Wandering around.
On and on,
To the unknown.
Colourful lights and brights
Attacted me so much
That I went on further..
Only to realise
I have travelled too far
From where I first left.
Baby you said
I was your star.
Ask me..
You are my constellation.
Only with the hope that it leads me to you.



Sweet childhood

I give my thoughts the liberty to flow in.
In its convenient way and not mine.
Memories to laugh at.
Sweet childhood to relish upon.
How I tried counting the stars,
and stared at the moon for hours.
Recited a rhyme that mom taught.
Three lines hardly,
And rest I forgot.
How I saw if my bowl of custard was less filled than yours.
How I counted my treasured gems in that candy box.
How I giggled about
when dad asked for a car ride
right after a heavy downpour.
How ice cream scoops would cunningly
accompany us.
And how I could convince him
for some more.
How my tiny pony tail could match my foot steps.
My wide smile could measure my happiness.
You could peep into my heart through my shiny eyes.
Aah! These premature thoughts
suddenly visits.
‎To open the packet of happy memories…



Melancholy knocked the door of my heart.
And before I could open, she helped herself out.
Quick and rapid, she got inside.
Came as a guest and sat as the host,
Asked me to prepare her a delicious cuisine.
To make things easier, gave me the list of ingredients –
Regret, failure, betrayal, broken.
Anger, frustration, lazy, drowsy,
sad, sorrow, fear, anxiety.
And I picked one at a time.
Stuffed it with my eloquent thoughts.
Added a few live instances,
Garnished it with my tiny tear drops.
And a mild ache in heart.
A pinch of pity and served her hot!
Satisfied with my hospitality, gave a shrewd smile.
Took away a part of Me and said,
“See you soon, dear! ”


Burst it out


(It was their monthly date and he gets late and she gets offended)

He :Burst out the tiny bubble of anger. Yeah it looks cute on you but you look cuter without it!
She :Not tiny! It’s a huge one.
He :(taking out a book with old pages and a typical sweet smell.) The novel exchange program is still on.
She :(couldn’t stop smiling) You are the best!

Busy lives. Yet a grandfather-granddaughter bond stays alive. All thanks to those beautiful novels!

The Life Coach 

When I was lost in the dark,you came in like an angel showing the way that leads 

to my destination. 

You might not be the one to guide me in my first faltering steps but you have definitely taught me to stand on my feet.


You believed in me when I stopped believing in myself. You made me realize who I am and what can I be. 

Those few words of appreciation did all the magic always. The “you can do it ” before and the “you did it ” after is all that motivates me to run further in the race called Life. 

You inspired me in numerous ways- Asked me to smile and appreciate happiness, to find positivity in everything we do. Not to merely breathe but to be an inspiration too. 

Forever indebted I am under your love and support.With whatever little I achieve and a heart full of honour, I promise to make you smile someday! 


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Mornings like this

One fine morning
I stood by the shore.
No glimpse of past
No queries of future..
I am right here-
To steal the moment
And make it mine!
Slowly and subtly
The wind came by.
Caressed my hair,
don’t know how or why!
And the sun peeped
Through the cloud balls…
And sleeved my soft arms
with its pure gold.